Safety Cycling Tips

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Beside the most know safety rules that everyone knows (such as wearing a helmet, light and bright cloths etc) there are also some other, more or less known rules that you have to follow.

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If you are going to ride along the street, especially with children, you must be sure that just like any other motors, you and your children need to follow the rules of the road. One of the most important tips is to learn the hand signals. When you are about to make a right turn you wanna lift up your left arm in 90 degree angle. You can also give a hand signal for turning right by bringing your right hand to the side. When you are going to make a left turn bring your left arm to the side. When you are going to stop just bring your arm in a 90 degree angle fingers facing down.

Next thing you want to look at is where you will ride your bike. You can ride it along the street or along a bike trial. However, you must know what to expect. If you choose to ride your bike on the road, in case there is no cycling trial, make sure you avoid any cracks on the pavement, because it can cause you to lose control over the bike. If you are a beginner in bike riding the best thing to do is to ride a couple times along a guided path. If you wanna avoid cycling alone it is best to find a bike buddy. At the same this will make the tide a lot safer and it will be much more fun as well.

Hope you enjoyed these tips about bike riding for fun and safe ride.

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