Ghost Bikes

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Have you ever heard about ghost bikes? When there is a cycling tragedy the community memorialize the victim by painting an old bike white and place it where the cyclist has been killed. This actually helps in reminding people that a price is being paid. It is a fact that many people die in crashes involving cyclists, but there are so many more deaths caused by traffic pollution or lack of fitness, so it is much more dangerous not to cycle. 

Ghost Bike

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It is clear that cyclists are sick and tired of their needs to be overshadowed by the so-called car culture that rules throughout the world. Just a small percent of all traffic on the roads are bikes, which means cyclists do not feel safe on the roads. A city built for cyclists is a brilliant idea, so if you really want to experience the epitome of a cycling city then you should visit Amsterdam, the city of bikes.  

Ride with love

In order to benefit the wonders of the cycling you should first have to get a bike. If you ask why is it safer to cycle in Netherlands then you will get more than one answer. First the country provides many bicycle lanes and the whole infrastructure is adapted to the cycling. There are also many people that actually want to ban cars completely from the city center. There are approximately 400 km cycling paths in the city, the bikes are welcomed everywhere and there are enough bike parks to store over 250,000 bikes.  

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If the infrastructure is planned correctly then the rest follows. It is important to get things right, so if someone tells you to get the bus and there is no bus service then that is not moving in the right direction. Many countries can learn so much from the incredible infrastructure in Amsterdam and the accommodating attitude towards cyclists. 

The voice of the cyclists has to be heard and hopefully one day soon we will all be able to enjoy cycling in a much better and safer environment.  

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